bulk wholesale USDA certified soap nuts
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Wholesale bulk Supplies

Please click on the product for more info. You can request a quote online for wholesale bulk supplies. We provide the best products from Nepal at the best market price. Our wholesale price are most competitive and below average wholesale price than many other suppliers.

organic wholesale soap nuts

Organic Soap Nuts & Soap Nut Products

We are the largest soap nut supplier from Nepal. Our soap nuts are exported to 32+ countries. Our soap nuts are Sapindus Mukorossi.

wholesale wool dryer balls

Wool Dryer Balls

We are the largest wool dryer balls manufacturer and supplier from Nepal. Our wool dryer balls are exported to more than 50 countries around the world.

wholesale himalayan dog chews

Dog Chews - Himalayan Yak Milk Chews

Our dog chews are prepared from Yak Milk traditionally. Best treat for your dogs/pets.

cordyceps sinensis yarsagumba

Cordyceps Sinensis (Yarsagumba)

Cordyceps from Nepal is regarded as the best ones in the world we are leading cordyceps exporter here in Nepal. We have made available the highest quality of cordyceps to our customers.

Rib Fashion Garments Export quality

Rib Fashion Garments

Garments are produced in our own factory. We are manufacturing different garment items and garment accessories and also silk pashmina shawls and items.

medicinal and other herbs

Other Medicinal Herbs (Raw / Extracts)

We can supply you with herbs and herbal extracts as per your requirement. We can supply many of the herbs which are found in Nepal. Please contact us as soon as possible for your requirements.

nepalese handicrafts and accessories

Handicrafts / Carpets / Rugs & Souvenirs

We can supply you with any handicraft you require in any quantiry. Carpets and Rugs of your choice. Souvenirs from the beautiful country.
Simply Request a Quote or Contact Us.