bulk wholesale USDA certified soap nuts
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Want to be chemical free and go natural?

You've come to the best place where you can help keep the environment safe and go chemical free. Soap Nuts are those natural berries which helps to keep the environment green and clean by eliminating the use of chemical detergents. Chemical detergents contains many chemical substances which are harmful to us and the nature. The chemicals have so many side effects. Soap Nuts are purely fruits which have the same functions as a detergent. Soap Nuts berries are found in the wild forests of Nepal where people have been using them for washing clothes, bathing, cleaning utensils and other cleansing purposes. Soap Nuts helps us the make the environment clean as it is 100% organic and are bio-degradable.

Chemical detergents causes skin infections and other harmful effects to the human body as well as mother nature. Soap Nuts are the perfect replacement for your existing chemical detergent. You can get Soap Nuts in the form of nut shells, powder and liquid. Soap Nut products are using with small cotton washing muslin bags. 2 pounds of soap nuts is good enough to wash 150 loads of laundry.

Soap Nuts processing at a glance

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