bulk wholesale USDA certified soap nuts
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How to use Soap Nuts?

wash with soap nuts natural detergentWhen using Soapnuts in the laundry or using it to wash any clothes you need to keep the following things in mind.

   Find the size of your washing machines
   The load of washing. (Total Clothes)
   How dirty colthes you are going to wash
   Temperature you are washing at

For an average load of laundry you will use 4-6 shell halves (equal to 2-3 whole shells), Very badly dirtied clothes may require 6-8 shell halves and smaller loads may only need 2-4 halves.

Muslin/Cotton sacks are the most common things used for doing laundry with soap nuts and usually come with any soap nut purchase, but contrary to popular belief you don't need to buy one if you don't have one.
Alternatively, you can use something you have laying around like an old mismatched sock, an end piece of tights or stockings, a bandana or a hankie or if your crafty sew one out of an old t shirt or rag. Cotton, canvas and hemp all work well. Once you have your pouch situation figured out, put the shells in it, tie it shut, and drop it in the washing machine with your dirty laundry. You will not need to add any other detergent. Soapnuts wash most effectively between 30 and 60 degrees and will last on average about 2-4 washes. When the Saponin has been used up the shells will look dark and feel soggy, at this point you can safely throw them on your compost heap.